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Hello and Welcome to MDA Medical Aesthetics Inc. Virtual Beauty Pro store. 

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We at MDA Aesthetics are so happy you have come to visit us here. As your skin care therapists, estheticians and skin care providers, we love everything to do with beauty and your skin, but latest worldwide events have changed the way we can care for yours, so we have decided to open online store.

Karolina, Anna and I will continue to apply years of experience and education to serve you through consultations, home regimens, and keeping your skin care on track.

If you know exactly what you want, feel free to shop here anytime! Alternatively, please contact us to set up a virtual consultation and we can get started right away.

We hope you will take advantage of hundreds of professional products we have to offer at a good price point, and delivered to your door.

Happy shopping!!!



MDA Medical Aesthetics Team:

Anna: 647-385-8200

Karolina: 647-573-1462

Margaret: 416-707-6467

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